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  • Category: Event Ticketing
  • Price: 75¢ per Transaction
  • URL: www.m0veapp.com

Single-page Template.

This is a single scrolling page that utilizes Bootstrap 4. It's the perfect starter template for a landing page, app launch page or to highlight featured content & product information. It's 100% responsive and design to look great on all devices from mobile to desktop.

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Create and Link through Your Social Media Account.

Jumpstart your profile and connect quickly through your social media account to create or login into your M0VE Account. Connect Through Faceboook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn


Elegant Account Dash

Within the Creator's Dash of M0VE, you are able to quickly view live updated metrics around all of your events with a simple click. View analytic data, updated event sales and stats, account balance before next transfer + more! - Keeping your dashboard simple yet insightful allows you to solely focus on the progress of your event.


Simple Event Management Tool

Managing your events has never been simpler. In a step by step process, M0VE allows to style your event, provide in-depth event details and keywords, and create tickets while specifying price and currency. All within one process, your event is created and ready for public view within minutes. - You're able to create event tickets globally, without jumping through hoops, accept payment from multiple currencies in a one-stop location.


Brand Based Event Pages

Portray your unique brand while enjoying the convenience and simplicity of M0VE's auto-generated Event Pages. A visitor can navigate through event details while being able to share the event details page via social media or through it's auto-generated shortened Bit.ly link. - Visitors are also able to grab directions, check out tickets easily, and view any extra details regarding the event including youtube videos or any web links added.


Manage Attendees & Customers With Ease

Crafted to remain user-friendly for you and your staff, within the booking management tab you're able to view and manage everything regarding your attendees effectively and organized. Search through bookings, change attendees info, send announcement emails to all attendees, export attendee list, plus much more! - Producing results continues to be the number 1 focus. Within the Management tab, your audience is handled effectively.


Brand representation through your unique profiles

Customize your auto-generated profile while being able to provide details to represent your brand! M0VE's profile editor allows you to specify your background image while controlling overlay and button colors. Input your social media and website links to enable icons to display within your bio and about section. - Your profile is easily shareable and even has the capability of being embedded into another website, like your own! We've also optimized your profile to be discovered on Search Engines like Google and Bing based on the keywords and info provided.



Update MOVE's event page

An instant, ready-to-use event tool that saves you time & money!

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